Fundição Magma

– Ingots of non-ferrous metals –


Bronze, Brass, Zamak and Copper ingots, in accordance with international standards
or according to the specifics indicated by the customer.

Own Analysis Laboratories

Continuous Casting

Two Foundry Plants

Fundição Magma

Fundição Magma produces Bronze, Brass, Zamak and Copper Ingots in the most different kinds of alloys, with high quality and in accordance with the requirements established by international standards.

With two Foundry Plants, continuous casting and scale production, Fundição Magma serves a wide range of companies in the domestic and foreign markets.

To ensure that the products reach the customers with the appropriate physical and chemical characteristics, Fundição Magma carries out strict quality control of the alloy in each batch produced. This procedure is possible thanks to its own laboratories, highly qualified and equipped with spectrometers internationally recognized as the most accurate in reading electromagnetic spectra.

Continuous Casting
Manufacturing Magma Ingots

Fundição Magma is a reference in the production and sale of alloys for the manufacture of parts and equipment for the most different industrial segments. Among them: automotive, petrochemical, chemical, food, mining, agricultural, metallurgical, mechanical, electronics, civil construction, pulp, telecommunications and energy.

One hundred percent national and headquartered in the City of Limeira-SP, the company has been operating in the market for 15 years and is the result of the third family generation in the foundry and related activities.

Fundição Magma is proud to operate with an industrial activity that promotes respect for nature and ecological balance, by receiving, selecting, treating, recovering and reintroducing scrap non-ferrous metals into the production process that, otherwise, became factors of pollution and waste.