Aluminum Bronze Alloy

Manufacturing and commercialization of Aluminum Bronze Ingot.

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Aluminum Bronze Alloy

The standard bronze alloy is produced by combining copper and aluminum. Other elements, however, can be added, such as manganese, aluminum and silicon. In the aluminum bronze alloy, aluminum is the main metal added to copper, giving the alloy greater hardness and resistance to corrosion, especially that caused by contact with sea water, or even the sea breeze.

Fundicão Magma produces a huge variety of aluminum bronze alloys, complying with the most rigorous international standards. All stages of the production process are controlled to guarantee the excellence of the products supplied by our company.

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Aluminum Bronze Alloy
Aluminum Bronze Ingot
Aluminum Bronze Alloy
Aluminum Bronze Alloy

Aluminum bronze alloy properties

Aluminum bronze alloys form a family of copper-based alloys and offer combinations of mechanical and chemical properties that differentiate them from other alloys.

The corrosion resistance of the aluminum bronze alloy derives, as its name implies, from the aluminum that forms the alloy. Aluminum reacts to oxygen in the atmosphere forming a thin and resistant layer of alumina (aluminum oxide), which acts as a protective barrier in alloys with a high copper content.

Another notable property of aluminum bronze alloy is the biostatic effect. The presence of copper prevents colonization by marine organisms, including algae. This property makes aluminum bronze the alloy of first choice and sometimes the only choice in some applications.

  • Superior hardness
  • High chemical resistance to saline environments
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Good resistance to wear and fatigue strength
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Ease of casting and fabrication
  • Solderability
  • Low magnetic permeability
Aluminum Bronze Ingot
Aluminum Bronze Ingot

Aluminum bronze alloy applications

Aluminum bronze alloy applications are intended for different kinds of industry sectors, such as:

  • Ship engines and propellers components
  • Naval Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Aircraft landing gear
  • Structures in building constructions
  • Oil and petrochemical industries
  • Tubes and fittings
  • Coins
  • Spur gears
  • Valve bodies, guides and seats
  • Bearing and thrust blocks for the steel industry
  • Bearings, bushings and rings
  • Gears
  • Guides, pinions, shoes and rings
  • Parts for agitators
  • Non-sparking tools

Aluminum bronze alloys Fundição Magma

Aluminum bronze alloys produced by our company:

  • Aluminum Bronze SAE 68A Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze SAE 68B Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze SAE 68C Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze SAE 68D Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 95200 Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 95300 Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 95400 Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 95500 Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 95600 Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 95700 Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 95800 Ingot
  • Aluminum Bronze C.A. 64200 Ingot
  • Bz/Al 9A
  • Bz/Al 9B
  • Bz/Al 9C
  • Bz/Al 9D
  • Bz/Al/Si
  • Bz/Al/Mn
  • Bz/Al/Ni alfa
  • Bz/Al/Si

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