Bronze SAE 40

Manufacturing and commercialization of Bronze SAE 40 Ingot.

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Bronze SAE 40

Bronze SAE 40 is an alloy composed of copper, tin, lead and zinc, in addition to small concentrations of iron and nickel. These metals give Bronze SAE 40 high resistance to corrosive agents and impacts, also having the anti-friction property, among other characteristics.

Fundição Magma produces Bronze SAE 40 ingots respecting the standards established by international standards. All production is continuously monitored by our quality control laboratories to ensure that our customers purchase products of the highest quality in terms of composition, strength and durability.

Bronze C86300/SAE 40 ingots are manufactured by Fundição Magma according to the specifications indicated by the customers, and are intended to meet the most diverse demands, such as the production of swash plates, pressure and thrust washers, gear hubs, bushings guide, intermediate bushings, sealing rings, pulley bushings and other applications.

SAE 40 Bronze Ingot
SAE 40 Bronze Ingot
Bronze SAE 40
Bronze SAE 40

Bronze SAE 40 general characteristics

Bronze SAE 40 resists to high temperatures, simplifying casting and machining processes. In addition, it allows for polishing, thus increasing the final quality of the materials produced. It has good conductivity and resistance to sea water.

  • Physical Properties
  • Density: 8.83 g/cm³
  • Thermal Conductivity: 1.80 w/cm.k
  • Electrical Conductivity: 15.20% I.A.C.S
  • Melting Point: 1100-1250ºC
  • Thermal Expansion: 1.80 10-5/ºC
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Strength limit: 279 Mpa
  • Flow limit: 155 Mpa
  • Elongation: 16-22%
  • Hardness: 60 Brinell
  • Temper: M
Bronze SAE 40
Bronze SAE 40

Bronze SAE 40 Applications

Bronze SAE 40 is especially intended for products requiring mechanical strength and corrosion resistance and easy machining. The alloy is used by the most different kinds of industrial sectors: steel, metallurgy, naval, chemical, electrical and electronic, machining, boiler making, automotive, tooling, among others.

Bronze SAE 40 is mainly indicated for the manufacture of small parts, such as: bearings, shoes, slide bushings, bushings for piston pins, rings, coupling elements, sealing rings, gears, valve components, connections, thrusts and flanges.

In addition, the Bronze SAE 40 alloy is also widely used in the maintenance of industrial equipment and machinery, such as turbines, generators, elevators, forklifts and bridge cranes.

Fundição Magma Bronze SAE 40 Ingots

Ingots of Bronze SAE 40 Fundição Magma are widely used in the manufacture of parts and maintenance of machinery and equipment::

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic components subjected to medium pressure
  • Valves
  • Stop Valves
  • Pumps
  • Components of equipment for low and high voltage subjected to moderate mechanical stress and that do not require high electrical conductivity
  • Ornamental and artistic artworks
  • Chemical Composition:
  • CU = 84.0 – 86.0 (%)
  • SN = 4.0 – 6.0 (%)
  • PB = 4.0 – 6.0 (%)
  • ZN = 4.0 – 6.0 (%)
  • FE = 0.25 (%)
  • AL = 0.005 (%) NI = 1.00 (%)

In addition to Bronze SAE 40, Fundição Magma produces ingots in other metals. Learn about our complete portfolio of metal alloy solutions!