Zamak 5

Manufacturing and commercialization of Zamak 5 Ingots.

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Zamak 5 Ingots

Fundição Magma manufactures and commercializes Zamac 5 (Zamak 5) to companies in Brazil and abroad. Alongside Zamac 2, 3 and 8 alloys, Zamac 5 is produced by Magma through the efficient continuous ingot casting process. Technology allows our company to deliver its products with high quality and rigorously in compliance with the standards determined by international standards.

Compared to other variations of the alloy, Zamak 5 is characterized by a high concentration of copper and magnesium. Such formulation gives the alloy excellent resistance to high temperatures, corrosion and wear, in addition to increasing its dimensional stability. Zamak 5 is also ideal for manufacturing parts and components through the injection process.

With a large and modern production sector, Fundição Magma meets demands for Zamac 5 (Zamak 5) in the form of ingots, with immediate delivery to any part of the country.

Zamak 5
Zamak 5 Ingots
Zamac 5
Zamak 5

Zamak 5 Properties

Zamak 5, as well as the other alloys in the family, are composed of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. By increasing small percentages of complementary chemical elements, it is possible to obtain the desired properties of Zamac 5 (Zamak 5). Although it has been around for nearly 90 years, Zamak 5 and the other alloys in the Zamac group continue to be widely used around the world given their versatility.

The properties of Zamak 5 are similar to those of Zamac 3, however, they have higher resistance to corrosion and are easier to mold. Zamac 5 (Zamak 5) also has a higher copper content than Zamac 3 alloy, which adds to its properties of higher resistance. More copper, on the other hand, decreases its ductility.

Zamak 5 is an alloy constantly used in the manufacture of items whose operation takes place under tensile strength and in production processes that use pressure.

  • Mechanical properties
  • Brinell hardness = 91
  • Tensile strenght = 328 MPa
  • Flow = 600 MPa
  • Elongation = 7% em 50,8mm
  • Chemical composition of Zamac 5
  • Al = 3.9% – 4.3%
  • Cu = 0.7% – 1.1%
  • Mg = 0.03% – 0.06%
  • Fe = 0.035%
  • Pb = 0.004%
  • Cd = 0.003%
  • Sn = 0.0015%
  • Zn = Diference
  • Physical properties
  • Melting range = 380ºC – 386ºC
  • Density = 6.6g/cm³
  • Electrical conductivity = 26% IACS
Zamac Gas Valve
Handle in Zamac

Zamac 5 applications

Zamac 5 is the most consumed zinc alloy in the Brazilian and European markets. In addition to pressure production processes, its application also occurs in the manufacture of large parts, through the gravity die casting method.

Inmetro Ordinance No. 400/2012 determines that Zamak 5 is the alloy used in the production of components for gas stoves and ovens. In addition to these purposes, Zamac 5 (Zamak 5) is used in other functional and decorative applications, such as:

  • Radiators
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Faucets
  • Handles, locks and doorknobs
  • Buckles for belts and shoes
  • Rivets and embellishments for bags
  • Jewelry
  • Gas valves
  • Blenders, mixers and fans housings
  • Refrigerator hinges
  • Watch components
  • Radio and television grids
  • Rear mirrors, locks and automotive glass mechanism
  • Nuts and screws

Fundição Magma Zamak 5 Ingots

Zamac 5 (Zamak 5) is one of the important items in the Fundição Magma product portfolio, alongside Zamak 2, Zamak 3 and Zamak 8, all supplied in the form of ingots.

In addition to Zamak, our company produces alloys in several other metals.

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